Ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Massage is the the oldest form of healing in literally almost every culture that exists on the planet today. The ancient Hawaiians were no exception to perfecting the art of hands on therapy. In the tribe of the Hawaiian people the "Kahuna" (priest/healer) were the ones who performed these treatments. The body was viewed in a full spectrum perspective: mind, body, heart, spirit were all addressed and integrated in a healing from the Kahuna. If the body had a particular ailment a "Ho'oponopono" was called into order where the whole family would be called together with particular custom rituals to cleanse, purify, and forgive anything that had occurred within the family and tribe so that the individual could regain his/her health and create "pono" good relations amongst all.

The warriors also used a from of "bone setting" akin to a form of chiropractic adjustment was done on the spine and joints, to align anything that was out of alignment.

In this modern day in age some of the traditions are still being passed down from generation to generation because there is a strong sense of truth in integrating the whole body/mind/spirit complex.

In my massage sessions I always say a prayer before each session "let there be love, let there be healing, let there be light and so it is." This is a powerful way to set an intention within a healing session and to allow for the highest of healing to occur. Along with allowing the fluid like motions of lomi lomi massage to release and clear any stagnant energies within the body. With the practitioner being a channel for healing energy and the patient allowing to receive and release, big change can occur within the body, mind and spirit. In the spirit of healing and Aloha! :)

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