Tapping into the natural healing powers of the Hawaii

Hawaii has always been a place of healing and rejuvenation. From the old times to present times people have naturally been gravitated here to re-charge and relax from the stresses of the mainland lifestyle. With the current rise in the popularity of health, well being and balance in this modern time, we are being brought back to the simple roots of "being" and connecting with the natural elements.

One simply has to walk outside here to the many beaches or trails to connect with the natural "mana" (energy) of this place. I travelled here years ago to study Hawaiian Lomi lomi and Huna; being captured by the intense beauty of Kauai island I never left and have since made the iconic North Shore of Oahu my residence. Receiving healing touch, massage and bodywork are ways in which to connect and sink deeper into the essence of your being. Along with tuning into your body through the movements of yoga and breath are all highly beneficial avenues to more well-being. I wish you health and happiness along your path. Deep peace of the eternal wave~~Aloha~~

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