"Radiant One the Life Essence carries on its play through the Pulsing rhythm of outward & inward movement. This is the ceaseless Wave, the Rhythm of life. There experience opens into an exquisite vastness with no beginning & no end. Embrace that infinity without reservation.. Dive into it. Drink deeply of it & emerge renewed."


Ocean Taylor

My name is Ocean Taylor, and I have been practicing in the healing arts for over 16 years now.

I have been blessed to have had many great teachers and healers in my life that guided me along the way. After having completed a 2 year advanced remedial massage diploma from Canada in 2006 I travelled globally absorbing the healing arts from various cultures.


I completed a 3 year Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Honolulu, HI. in 2018



Acupuncture is part of a system of medicine that has been successfully treating people for over 4,000 years. It promotes circulation, reduces inflammation to eliminate pain, improves metabolism and restores proper functioning of all body systems. One of the basic theories of Chinese Medicine is that everything is connected, so the whole body is considered in treatment.

Very delicate needles are placed in various parts of the body to help naturally correct any imbalances that might be causing negative changes. Points are chosen based on a sophisticated system of diagnosis. It is both safe and effective, and many people describe it as being extremely relaxing.

The Five Elements, or Five Phases, are aspects of Qi. These are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. In the poetic language of the Five Elements, health is a harmonious balance of all the elements. The Qi of the elements waxes and wanes in daily and seasonal cycles. Each one of us is a unique and characteristic blend of the influences of all the elements. Each acupuncture point relates to a specific element, by stimulating and balancing the elements within the body it creates harmony and balance.

~Celluma Light Therapy~

Pleased to now offer medical grade FDA cleared Light therapy add on to any Acupuncture or massage session for an additional $30 for 30 min. 

Clinically proven to decrease pain and inflammation, reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Also treats Acne. Please visit www.celluma.com

for more information. 

~ Massage ~

Massage and healing bodywork can assist in alleviating or treating almost any injury or pain in the body. Every body is unique and requires something slightly different then the other. By tuning in and using a plethora of modalities I am able to assist others in re-aligning and releasing holding patterns. Being an avid surfer myself, I can tailor sessions to whatever sport or activity you engage in.



~ Spirit guide facilitation ~

I also have the gift of being able to see people’s spirit guides or ancestor spirits. This is something that came quite natural to me at a young age and I have learned to use this ability to directly speak to my own guides and those of others.


Guidance always comes from a high, wise and all-encompassing perspective. This is called “Channeled Guidance” as I let the voice of my guides speak through me. I am always aware and conscious but in a deep mediative state. The guides bring in much energetic transmissions with their presence and will work on ones energy body and aura.




 What people are saying
"I have experienced deep life changing shifts, for the better from Ocean's Spirit Guide facilitations over the past 6 years. Each time she channels for me I feel calmer, more uplifted and have received deeper insight and understanding into my own self and life. She has a fine tuned ability to tap into and receive information from very high guides. I'm grateful for her services and highly recommend them to anyone wishing to see more clearly or make positive changes in their own lives." -Rose Miller

She made me feel very comfortable. 

"For starters, her name is Ocean (how cool is that!) A friend I was traveling with actually found her ad glad he did. She ran a yoga class to kick things off and I've never done that before, but she made me feel very comfortable and it was actually a lot of fun!"


- Jenn S. 

Oahu, Hawaii

Nothing short of amazing. 

"She was very personable and sweet....She knew where to hit the right pressure points, dip cup therapy, and didn't miss a spot on my body. I don't know if it was her soft hands, the methods she used, or a combination of both, but like I said, nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend her and obviously will go to her again...Aloha!"


- Roy C. 

New Jersey

Just what I needed! 

"While visiting the North Shore this past week, I received an incredible massage from Ocean unlike any massage I've had before. Her focus on pressure points and stretching were just what I needed! I would go back in a heartbeat and recommend her to all!"


- Ashley M.

Seattle, Washington

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