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"She has such a great knowledge of the Acupuncture points."

"Ocean is a great Acupuncturist. She is very thorough and was right on with my diagnosis and the treament really helped alleviate my symptoms.

- Chris



"I can not say enough about Ocean and her skills."

"I injured my back while serving in the Navy.  The best therapy for me is weekly massages.I have received massage all over the world and have never experienced a better, more thorough, massage therapist.


Ocean has studied massage and lived all over the world...making her the most widely trained therapist I have ever found. 


She knows and uses a plethora of modalities making every massage unique and invigorating.  Our first session was the best I had ever had (it was like she had been my therapist for years) totally in tune with my body and its needs...not needing to ask about pressure etc..  Now that she has been my therapist for years things have only gotten better...she notices changes, in my body that I have not noticed.


Bottom line is i have experienced the rest and am blessed that I found the best!"

-Dave Rees

Great Acupuncture Techniques!

"She has such a great knowledge of the body and her technique proves that. She is a great listener and really get to the root of the problem..." - Cindy



"She's one of the finest and most thoughtful therapists I've ever seen."

I've had a lot of massages through my cycling years but have only reviewed two amazing ones lately. I met Ocean while vacationing in Kauai. I had a kink in my leg and back for about a month and wanted to get a massage to help me relax. After two sessions not only did it help me relax but it was almost like a chiropractic adjustment. I was walking straighter and my hips were back in alignment. I continue to see her every time I'm there.


As a life long cyclist I love a deep sports massage and she combines some of the best and most powerful sports massage with relaxation as well. She's one of the finest and most thoughtful therapists I've ever seen - I wish she was in San Francisco too :)"





"I wish i had more days to enjoy. one of the top 5 in my lifetime. Ocean's intuition and knowledge was just what i needed, before i had to jump back into my crazy world . I would recommend that you see her as much as you can while you are in Hawaii."

- Dave. A.







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